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Is any Personal Identifying Information (PII) sent to Avatax?


Personal Identifying Information (PII) sent to Avatax/Admin Console.


Avalara Avatax


  • The only PII which is sent to the Admin Console is the customer code/number and origin (yours) and the destination (your customers') address.
  • Address information is used for tax calculation purposes. 
  • Some web carts do have email and full name as their customer code (ie., Jon Doe -
    • Avatax only records what it is sent, so this setting would need to be changed within the webcart settings.
      • Contact you Web cart support to change this if you do not know how.
    • Customer code is also used for exemption information, if the customer has supplied an exemption certificate. 


Please note, all communication for tax calculation is encrypted using industry standards. 


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