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How does an incomplete address effect a tax calculation?


If an incomplete address (eg. only city, state, and zip) is sent to AvaTax for calculation, what happens to the accuracy of the tax result?


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  • In some instances, an ERP or Cart system will only pass an incomplete address (eg. only city, state, and zip) to Avatax for calculation.  
    • When this occurs, the tax calculation can sometimes be incorrect.
    • This is because, when a tax calculation is made, the engine will look first for a full street address for an accurate calculation.  Without a full street address the engine will attempt to do the calculation based on the Zip+4 or finally ZIP.  
  • For the most accurate calculation possible, please provide a full street address when invoicing.
    • If the full address is unavailable, then city, state and ZIP+4 will provide nearly as accurate a result.  
    • 5-digit ZIP will provide the least accurate calculation of the 3 options.  

***State, Zip, and Country are the bare minimum needed to calculate tax. Any less and there is no tax calculation*** 

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