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How do I resolve "there are tax connect error messages for Invoice *******" in Epicor


We are using Avatax to calculate our taxes within Epicor. We are currently getting an error message. The message states that "there are tax connect error messages for Invoice *******"


Avalara Avatax



This is indicating that the invoice numbers that are trying to be posted from Epicor are already committed on the Avalara Admin console. It is recommend to check if these invoices on the admin console are duplicates or real transactions.

  • If the Transaction is a Duplicates
    • In the Transactions Tab of the admin console
    • Locate the invoice number in question
    • Click on the document code
    • Edit
    • Save as uncommitted
    • Reprocess transaction through Epicor
  • If The Transaction is Real
    • Contact Epicor Support and ask about how to change the next invoice number in the sequence






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