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How do I change the rate in Dallas to 8.25 from 6.25?


Our accounting manager saw that for all of our orders shipped to Dallas, Texas the tax rate is 6.25% and he wants us to change it to 8.25%


Avalara Avatax


In states like Texas many times it isn't so much the rate you want to change as your nexus because there turns out to be a local tax jurisdiction that would have been adding to the total rate but it's turned off in your admin console. In the admin console simply turn on the local jurisdictions that you are expecting to add up to the full rate you would like to charge there and save them in your nexus jurisdictions.


This will work going forward and is not retroactive.



The customer was set to selective nexus in Texas and the local city and transit rates that would have been adding to the total rate at that address were not turned on.


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