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How do I change Filing Method in the Admin Console?


You need to know how to change your filing method.


Avalara Returns


Note: Only Account Admin's have the ability to make changes to the filing method.


  • On the Tax Returns tab, click Filing Calendars
    • In the Active Filing Calendars section, find the jurisdiction and form which is no longer correct and click it.
    • In the Filing Method field, select the new filing type.
    • Add any additional information if required.
      • A pop-up will appear advising of the default effective date.
        • If you prefer a different effective date, click Confirm on the pop-up.
        • In the Effective Period field, select your preferred start date of this change.
    • In the Notes field, clearly document when you would like the new change to be effective.
    • Save the change
  • All new filing calendar changes will populate in the Submitted Filing Calendar section.
  • Your current filing calendar will still be visible in the Active Filing Calendar section.
  • Our Compliance team reviews and moves the newly submitted Filing Calendar to the Active Filing Calendar section during the 1st to the 10th of the month.

Note: It is suggested to leave comments in the notes section detailing when the new filing method should take place to make the change absolutely clear.

If your filing frequency changes to an early month filer, no changes are needed as Avalara files all returns by the 20th of each month.




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