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How do I add a jurisdictional override for an address?


I need to override the jurisdictions being charged on a specific address to get only certain ones.


Avalara AvaTax


  • On the Settings tab, click Jurisdiction Override.
  • On the Jurisdiction Overrides screen, click New.
  • On the New: Jurisdiction Override Step 1 screen, type a Description and select a Jurisdiction Override Type:
    • For Specific Address
      • At a minimum, complete the required fields:
        • Street Address
        • ZIP/Postal Code
      • Click Validate to validate the specific address or type the rest of the address.
    • For ZIP/Postal Code
      • At a minimum, complete the required fields:
        • State
        • ZIP/Postal Code
    • For ZIP/Postal Code +4
      • At a minimum, complete the required fields:
        • State
        • ZIP/Postal Code +4
  • Change the Effective Date or End Date if desired.
  • Click Next.
  • On the New: Jurisdiction Override Step 2 screen, choose the desired combination of jurisdictions for the address information entered in Step 1 (county, city, and/or special).
  • Review the Composite Rate displayed on the right. Avalara AvaTax uses the composite rate when the jurisdiction override is applied.
  • Click Finish.
  • The Jurisdiction Override appears on the Jurisdiction Override List. A message indicating the "The operation completed successfully." displays above the Jurisdiction Override List.


Note:States participating in the Streamlined Sales Tax Project (SSTP) are not listed for SST customers. These states have certified data that cannot be altered without investigation. Please contact Support for assistance with these states.

Some states have complex sourcing rules that affect the jurisdictional assignments and composite tax rate calculation. Before adding a jurisdiction override, contact Support to determine whether a jurisdiction override is necessary, or if the current jurisdiction assignments are the result of state-mandated sourcing rules.

The jurisdiction override remains in effect until deleted or the end date passes.

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