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How can I tell if my account is expired?


You're unable to log into your account in the Admin Console or are getting an error when you try to calculate tax. You want to know how to confirm if your account is expired.




  • Errors that state the account is expired (like Your subscription to AvaTax services has Expired) indicate the account is expired, contact your account manager to have your subscription extended.
    • A Development Admin Console is active for a set amount of time purchased, but Production accounts should never expire. Your account manager can assist with either account.
    • Extending a Development account may require purchase.
  • General issues with logging in or calculating tax could be caused by account expiration, inactivity, user permission, inaccurate password or license key, etc.
    • Review the error message you receive when the login and/or calculation fails.
      • If there is no specific message, contact Avalara Support to have us review the account.
      • We will review the account expiration and users to determine if there is an issue with the end date of the account, a service not being enabled, a user being locked, etc.



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