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How can I exempt one of my customers from some items and not others in the same invoice?


Your customer is exempt only by certain products in one state.


Avalara AvaTax

Admin Console


  • In order to get the expected outcome, it is suggested that you map your items and create tax rules in the admin console.
    • To get step by step instructions on how to map items in the admin console, click here.
  • The first rule that would need to be created is an exempt entity rule making the entity use code taxable. We suggest you use an entity use code that you do not use. Click here for a list of our entity use codes.



  • The second rule that would need to be created is making that entity used code that you chose earlier exempt only when your item tax code is used. This is where you would add the tax code of the item that you want to be exempt.



  • For this to work cohesively, the customer now needs the entity use code applied to them in the accounting software or an exemption certificate created using the same exemption reason as the entity use code.
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