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How can I change the tax rate for all counties, cities, or STJ in a state?


You want to create one rule to make all counties, cities, or STJ have the same tax rate in a particular state.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Option 1: Create your Rate Override or Product Taxability rule in the Admin Console.
    • Contact Technical Support and ask to have IsAllJuris added to the rule.
  • Option 2: Use the Tax Rule Import spreadsheet to create a rule changing a feature in all counties, cities, or STJ.
    • See Add Tax Rules for full details on creating a tax rule.
    • Use TaxRuleTypeID 1, to change the rate, or 4, to change the taxability, in column C:
    • C TaxRuleTypeId Integer Required

      0 = Excise tax

      1 = Rate override rule

      2 = Base override rule

      3 = Entity use rule

      4 = Product taxability rule

      • Tax rate shows the item as taxable, but taxed at a special rate you enter.
      • Changing the taxability would show the item as taxable or non-taxable, but does not change the rate.
      • Both can have the same $0.00 result, but a Product Taxability rule is the better option if you want no tax to calculate.
    • Use JurisCode * in column H:
      H JurisCode Text (10) Required

      Jurisdiction code:

      A mandatory field if you want to create a tax rule.

      An asterisk (*) indicates that it applies to all the jurisdictions of the type specified by JurisTypeId.

      Example: For a state-level rule, the state JurisCode is required  and applies to all the instances of that level in the state. For a county-level rule, the county JurisCode is required. 

    • Ensure it applies to only the county jurisdictions by leaving the default 0 in column J
      J IsAllJuris Boolean Optional 0 = The tax rule only applies to the identified jurisdiction (column G). This is the default.