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How to Use Reports to Reconcile and File Returns

This article applies to:Avalara Returns

Reconcile transactions at the end of each filing period. Use these reconciliation and filing reports to make sure you're ready to file your returns.

Tips for reconciliation and filing

  • Report data is updated every hour. See the latest transactions by viewing your transactions in AvaTax.
  • Reconcile your transaction data each month to catch discrepancies between your business application and AvaTax
  • Reconciliation and filing overview - video
  • Import Transactions

Reports for reconciling transactions and filing returns

  When you're filing with Returns When you're filing on your own

Each time you reconcile...

  • Run the reports in your business application that work for the types of returns you're filing. If you need help with these reports, find instructions in your business application guide.
  • Review the liability worksheet in AvaTax. You're ready for Avalara to file if the liability worksheet totals match the totals in your business application.

If the numbers don't match...

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