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You're New to AvaTax but Your Company Isn't

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If your company already uses AvaTax, but you're new to using AvaTax, we've gathered some resources to help you learn the basic features and functionality of AvaTax. 

Step What's it all about Resources

1. Introduction to the Admin Console

Get an overview of every tab in AvaTax and the tasks that you can accomplish in each tab.

2. Company settings

Changes to a business often need to be reflected in the Admin Console companyHoverTT.png.

3. Nexus

NexusHoverTT.png is the sufficient connection a business has with a taxing jurisdiction. This connection obligates the business to calculate, collect, report, and remit tax. The videos illustrate the basic concepts of nexus and what triggers nexus for a business. Read the guide to learn how to edit nexus settings for your company in the Admin Console.

4. Tax profile

Your tax profileHoverTT.png for a company consists of nexusHoverTT.png, tax codesHoverTT.png, tax rulesHoverTT.png, and items. The videos provide an overview of your tax profile. The guide provides you with instructions to change your tax profile as your business needs change.

5. Reports

There are a number of reports you can run in AvaTax to reconcile your data each month. The videos provide you an overview of the Admin Console's reporting functionality. The guide provides best practices on reporting as well as how each of the reports are related to one another.

6. Attend our AvaTax workshops Learn from subject matter experts to get the most out of Avalara products.


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