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Send a Test Transaction

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax

AvaTax makes accurate calculations based on the information it's given. To make sure this information is accurate and your tax profile is configured correctly, send a test transaction from your business application to AvaTax. If the results of the test transaction are anything other than what you expect to see, you may have missed a configuration option or entered information incorrectly. If your results come back the way you expected, you're ready to start calculating tax.

Test your tax profile

  1. Verify the following information in your business application, if applicable:
    1. Any additional 3rd party add-ons or customizations intended to function with sales order processing are enabled.
    2. All automated workflows intended to work with sales order processing are enabled.
  2. Send a test transaction to AvaTax from your business application:
    1. Use an address in a state the company has nexus.
    2. Use an item mapped to an Avalara tax code.
    3. Include a freight line like FR or FR020100.
    4. If applicable, include an exempt customer.
    5. If applicable, test address validationHoverTT.png on a customer record in your business application.
  3. Review the test transaction in AvaTax:
    1. Remember that the test transaction must be posted in the accounting software for it to be passed to the AvaTax engine.
    2. Confirm taxable invoice record appears in appropriate company's transaction data
    3. Ensure transaction transitions from uncommitted to committed status
    4. Review each field of the test transaction to make sure it reflects the values you expect.
      • Check addresses
      • Check document information
      • Check line item information - jurisdictions, freight, etc.
  4. Void the test transaction
    1. Don't forget to void the test transaction in your accounting software!

If your tax profile calculates tax as expected, you can start using AvaTax. If you don't get the results you expect, contact your GoLive Implementation Consultant or Avalara Support.

Troubleshoot problems

If your test transaction doesn't show up in AvaTax, or doesn't look like you expect it to:

  1. Check and make sure your license key and company code in AvaTax match the key and code in your business application
  2. Create another test transaction with any plugins or customizations to your business application turned off, to see if one of them was interfering with the connection to AvaTax
  3. Contact your GoLive Implementation Consultant or Avalara Support
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