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AvaTax for Communications override file format

AFC Override File Format

  1. The first line of the override file contains the version number of the override file format. This is used so that AvaTax for Communications (AFC) and the AFC Manager (RLM) know how to interpret the contents of the override file. If any modifications are made to the override file format (such as adding new logic fields), this version number must be incremented and the appropriate changes be made to AFC and the AFC Manager to read the new format correctly, while still providing the ability to read previous versions of the file for backwards compatibility. If a client opens up an old version of the file and makes any modifications to it, the AFC Manager will automatically convert it and save it into the new format.
  2. Consecutive lines in the override file contain the actual overrides. There are three types of overrides:
    • Sales tax rate overrides (for tax types 1 and 49 only).
    • Other tax rate overrides (for any other tax types).
    • Logic overrides.

The overrides may be contained in any order. The format for each type of override is presented in the sections below.

AFC and the AFC Manager determine what type of override is in the file by looking at the field count in the first line of the override.

Tax rate Overrides

Fields in first line

  1. PCode
  2. Tax Type
  3. Tax Level
  4. Scope
  5. History count (number of tax rate history records that follow this line)
  6. Add Tax

Fields in each sales tax history record

  1. Effective date
  2. Bracket count (number of bracket records that immediately follow the history record). For tax types 1 and 49, the format will be in the Sales tax bracket format specified below. For other taxes, it will be in the Telecom tax bracket record.

Telecom tax bracket record

  1. Rate
  2. Max base
  3. Level exempt flag

Sales tax bracket record

  1. Rate
  2. Max base
  3. Replace county flag
  4. County override flag
  5. Replace state flag
  6. State override flag

Logic Override Format

Fields in first line

  1. PCode
  2. Transaction type id
  3. Service type id
  4. Tax type id
  5. Tax level id
  6. Scope
  7. History count (number of tax logic history records for the logic)

Fields in logic history record

  1. Effective date
  2. Jurisdiction rule
  3. Data type
  4. Effect on sales
  5. Surcharge
  6. Sale
  7. Resale
  8. Business
  9. Residential
  10. Regulated
  11. Unregulated
  12. Senior citizen
  13. Industrial
  14. Lifeline
  15. Lifeline only
  16. Ilec
  17. Clec
  18. Primary long distance
  19. Primary local
  20. Franchise
  21. Non-franchise
  22. Facilities
  23. Non-facilities
  24. Tier at transaction
  25. Billable
  26. Compliance
  27. Pro-rated
  28. Report level
  29. Rate at final
  30. Tax By all others
  31. TAM
  32. TAS
  33. Log zero tax
  34. Prepaid
  35. Tax Taxes Count (number of tax taxes record that immediately follow)

Fields in Tax Taxes records

  1. Tax type id
  2. Tax level id
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