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Reconcile reports after a bill cycle

Your bill cycle is complete and now you need to validate the results.  Use the Compliance report to reconcile the AvaTax for Communications results to your bill cycle results.

Before you begin

Complete a bill cycle.


  1. In Communications Customer Portal, go to Reporting > Explorer.
  2. Set the template to Compliance.
  3. Select your reporting options.
    • Select the correct date range for the reconciliation.  This may be an entire month, a week, or a single day.
    • Select the no tax transactions checkbox to see all transactions processed.
    • View both committed and uncommitted transactions.
  4. Adjust the columns for your report and set filters.
    • Include only the columns that you need to reconcile and remove any other columns that may cause distractions. 
    • Set the filters to include only the desired data or exclude any data that you do not need.  Examples include setting billable to true if you don't return non-billable taxes in your results or setting a Taxing Jurisdiction to a specific location.
  5. Execute and download the report.
  6. Reconcile the Compliance report to the tax results returned to your billing system.  See the Report Reconciliation Troubleshooting Guide for more information if variances are found.
    • Filter and sort by identifying columns, such as tax type, jurisdiction, invoice number, optional fields, or company identifier.
    • Review by tax type, jurisdiction, invoice number, etc. to break the reconciliation into smaller chunks.
    • Look at all committed and uncommitted transactions.
    • Consider rounding - dollars and cents may be off by a little due to rounding methods used in the AFC engine and within your software.
    • Aggregate columns such as Tax Amount to identify discrepancies quickly.
    • Confirm the number of transactions run in your billing system matches the number of distinct transactions on the report (for example, use the distinct function on Telecom Transaction ID in a spreadsheet tool).
  7. Commit the bill cycle once reconciled.

​​Reporting Columns

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