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Telecom Mapping Guidelines

AvaTax for Communications (AFC) uses a system of numbers to represent the Transaction Types and Service Types for the service you wish to tax. Passing valid combinations of transaction and service type pairs provides AFC part of the information necessary to produce the appropriate taxes for a specific jurisdiction.

Transaction and Service Types in Valid Pairing

In order to receive accurate taxes, it is necessary to select a valid transaction and service type pair that matches the service you are providing.  As an aid to selecting the proper transaction and service type pairs, TM_00115_AFC Transaction and Service Types lists the valid pairs and provides a description of its primary usage.  AFC won't return accurate taxation if invalid transaction and service type pairs are set.

Additional Transaction and Service Types

Telecom and SAU Transaction and Service Types are available for use with Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Pro (REST) v2 and Avalara AvaTax for Communications SaaS Standard. They aren't available to view in the AvaTax for Communications Viewer (Telecom) and are available within the United States only.

Tax Types

AFC calculates taxes for the jurisdiction for the transaction and service type pair entered. A list of all the current tax types returned by AFC can be found in AFC Tax Types.

Category Definitions

The category of a tax type can be used for exemptions by category type.  A list of categories and their definitions can be found on AFC Tax Types.

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