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AvaTax for Communications Geo Form 3553


Using CASS software may allow mailers to receive discounted postage rates. The postage rate varies depending on how the mailer prepares the mail. Putting the barcode on the mail will increase the discount.

The USPS will accept your barcodes as accurate if you show that you have recently matched your address list against their master 9-digit zip code list. Software that is approved to do this matching will print a special "CASS report" (Form 3553) when it runs your list, showing how many addresses were attempted, how many were matched, when the matching was done, and the date of the master zip code list that was used.

You are no longer required to submit the CASS report to the USPS unless they ask for it, but you must keep it on file. You must also show the date of the CASS report on the postage statement that you turn in to the USPS with your mailing

For more information on discount mailing, visit the USPS web site at

Generating USPS 3553 form

  1. This form requires information about the company and the contact person that generated this form. This requires changing the <mailstar home directory>\cfg\pwiz.ini file before starting the mailserve application. Please refer to Configuration File.doc in folder Doc2006 on the DVD.
  2. This requires running the non-gui version of the AES CASS application. To run mailserver in non- gui mode use the following command

    <home directory of mailstar>/bin/>msvc60 -c <location of pwiz.ini file>

    -h <ip address of mailstar host> -p <port number of mailstar host>

    -v <version of AES CASS data>

  3. USPS3553.class is used to generate the USPS353 form.
  4. java USPS3553 <ipaddress> <port_number>
    1. IP address of the CASS server
    2. Port number that the CASS server is listening on.
  5. If successful the message “USPS 3553 form was successfully created!!!” is generated.
  6. Double click on forms.exe to display or print this generated form. This should bring up the following window.


  7. Click on the green GO button to bring up the dialog box to find the report that was generated in step 4.


  8. The ps_3553.dat file is placed in <home directory of mailstar>\default\rpt
  9. Select this file and click Open.
  10. This will load the file into the application.


  11. To print click on the print icon. Right click on the print icon brings up the printer setup.


  1. The data for this form cannot be carried over between updates to the CASS software. You can only display the form for the current data. So as a practice the data file (ps_3553.dat) should be saved someplace else before an AES CASS update is applied.
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