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Import a file for geocoding multiple records at once

If you need to verify the PCode and other geocoding information for a large number of addresses or coordinates, you can do so by importing a file in the Communications Customer Portal or via the REST v2 API. See the AvaTax for Communications developer guide for more information on how to do this via API.

Note: Geo for Communications only supports geocoding for US, Puerto Rico and other US territory addresses. Addresses in countries outside the US (including Canada and Mexico) are not supported and might not return any results.

Before you begin

Collect the addresses or latitude/longitude pairs that you would like to validate. The .csv file must not contain both addresses and latitude/longitude pairs in the same file. Use only one or the other. 

  • You can import a .csv file that includes either addresses or latitude/longitude pairs. 
  • Addresses must contain street number and street name. Addresses must also contain either the city/state combination or ZIP code. 
    • Valid examples:
      •  8675 West 96th Street, Overland Park, KS
      •  8675 West 96th Street, 66212


To map items to Avalara tax codes in AvaTax

  1. In Communications Customer Portal, select Geo > Geo Batch.
  2. Select Add New Record.
  3. In the Select File window, select Templates. A .zip folder which includes both the address and latitude/longitude pair templates is downloaded.
  4. Create the import file using the Guidelines for the AvaTax for Communications Geo Batch import template
  5. Select Save when you're done.
  6. From the Geo Batch tab, select Add New Record. 
  7. In the Select File window, select Choose File and then select a .csv file to process.
  8. Select Submit
  9. Select clipboard_edf6217c8c3ff6791db6499ac3cc8afa7.png to view the log file. View the scrolling log to view the messages about the file's records and any processing messages. The log updates you on progress after every 5000 records.  Processing ends if 5000 consecutive errors are encountered.
  10. After the file is processed, you can download a .zip file with the results from the Output File column on the Geo Batch page.
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