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Edit an Exclusion Group

This article applies to:AvaTax for Communications

If you use customization profiles in AvaTax for Communications to calculate tax for multiple companies or business units that require separate tax calculation settings, it's important to keep your settings up-to-date to match your business requirements. Learn how to update an exclusion group to tell Avalara where you're not obligated to collect and remit taxes or fees.

If an exclusion group has been applied to transactions, you should keep it on file so that you have a record of the settings used to calculate tax. Consider creating a new exclusion group instead of editing an existing exclusions list.

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Avalara recommends testing all customizations in your sandbox account before you add them to your production account. After you add customizations to your production account, run test transactions or use the tax determination calculator to make sure you receive the expected results before you complete any bill runs.

Before you begin

Exclusion Groups have to be assigned to a profile to be applied to tax calculations, so make sure you have created a profile before setting up your exclusion group.


  1. In the Communications Customer Portal, select Settings.
    The Settings page opens.
  2. Next to Customizations, select Manage.
    The Customizations page opens.
  3. On the Profiles tab, select the Exclusions tab.
  4. On the Exclusions tab, find the exclusion group you want to edit and then select more ( ... ).
  5. Optional: Edit the Exclusion Name.
  6. Select the regions where you do not collect taxes or fees.
  7. Optional: Under Assign Profiles, adjust the profiles to which the exclusion list is applied.
  8. Select Save Exclusion Group.

Tax is not calculated in the selected regions for any Profiles to which the exclusion group is assigned.

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