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Add a Bundle Group to apply separate transaction/service pairs to bundled items

This article applies to:AvaTax for Communications

If your business sells multiple products or services bundled into a single line item, consider creating a Bundle Group in AvaTax for Communications. Each Bundle Group includes the separate bundles that you sell, so the single bundle line item is split out into separate line items and taxed appropriately. After you set this up, you can send a single line item with one transaction/service type pair, and AvaTax for Communications splits it out into each of the separate transaction/service type pairs that you have set up in the bundle.



This is currently a beta feature available only to some customers using the REST API. See this guide for more information.

Before you begin

Bundle Groups have to be assigned to a profile to be applied to tax calculations, so make sure you've created a profile before setting up your Bundle Group.


A warning icon

Avalara recommends testing all customizations in your sandbox account before you add them to your production account. After you add customizations to your production account, run test transactions or use the tax determination calculator to make sure you receive the expected results before you complete any bill runs.
  1. In the Communications Customer Portal, select Settings.
    The Settings page opens.
  2. Next to Customizations, select Manage.
    The Customizations page opens.
  3. On the Profiles tab, select the Bundles tab.
  4. Select Add Bundle Group.
    The New Bundle Group page opens.
  5. Enter a Bundle Group Name.
  6. Enter the Bundle Details:
    • Transaction Type: This is the first half of the T/S Pair that you'll use for this bundle.
      The maximum value allowed is 29999.
    • Service Type: This is the second half of the T/S Pair that you'll use for this bundle.
      The maximum value allowed is 29999.
    • Bundle Description: This is a description of the bundled items.
    • Select an allocation method:
      • Percent (%) of sale: Select this option if you want to specify the percentage that each T/S pair the bundle.
      • Amount ($) of sale: Select this option only if you sell the bundle for a fixed price. You'll set a dollar amount for each item in the bundle.
    • Enter the details for each item included in the bundle:
      • T/S Type: If you already know the full T/S pair, enter it here.
      • Transaction Type: If you don't know the full T/S pair, select the transaction type here.
      • Service Type: If you don't know the full T/S pair, select the service type here.
      • Allocation: Enter the percentage or dollar amount allocation for each item here.
        • Percentage allocation: The total percentages must add up to 100%.
        • Dollar amount allocation: Make note of the Total Allocation dollar amount. When you use this bundle T/S pair in a transaction, the line item amount must match this Total Allocation dollar amount.
    • Select Add Another T/S Type Pair to add more items to the bundle.
  7. Optional: Select Add Another Bundle if you want to add another bundle to the Bundle Group, and repeat step 6 for each bundle that you add.
  8. Under Assign Profiles, assign the bundle group to one or more profiles.
  9. Select Save Bundle Group.
    The bundle group is saved, and the Bundles page opens.
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