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Understanding the Not Authorized report

The Not Authorized report includes amounts not authorized at the end of each month during each calendar year.  The liabilities appear on this report as they relate to jurisdictions for which Client has not yet provided Avalara authorization to file. This report is similar to the Tax Returns Filed report, but only the summary is provided in this report to save space.

Download the Not Authorized report

  1. In the Returns for Communications Compliance Portal, go to Reports
  2. Select the year and month
  3. Select the check box to the left of the Not Authorized report
  4. Select the Download Reports button

Not Authorized report

Not Authorized report.png

  1. Overall Summary
    A summary of totals by tax type, as well as the details by tax type and by jurisdiction. This can be checked for reasonableness by your tax analyst.

    Reasonableness checks include sample check comparisons between jurisdictions and/or tax types on this report to actual paid activity details across jurisdictions and/or tax types within the Tax Returns Filed report.

    Propriety checks include monthly inspections to ensure that only those jurisdictions which belong on the report are in fact on the report. 
  2. Total
    This ties to the 'Not Authorized' line item within the Tax Invoiced and Filed Summary report.
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