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Tax Returns Filed report

The Tax Returns Filed report provides an overall summary of taxes paid during the current tax period.  The grand total of the report ties to the Total All Liability Paid for Current Period as shown on the Reconciliation of Tax Returns Filed monthly report. 

Download the Tax Returns Filed report

  1. In the Returns for Communications Compliance Portal, go to Reports
  2. Select the year and month
  3. Select the check box to the left of the Tax Returns Filed report
  4. Select the Download Reports button

Read the Tax Invoiced and Filed Summary report

Tax Returns Filed report.png

  1. Disbursement data
    The bulk of this report organizes disbursement data by tax type, across jurisdictions. The sample excerpt above covers Utility User Tax returns.
  2. Overall Summary
    This section can be used to help spot any large or unusual transactions across and within tax types. For instance, if your business is subject to a limited number of 911 assessments across US taxing jurisdictions, then it would be unusual to see large amounts flowing through that line item. If you do notice this type of discrepancy, open a support care with the details.
  3. Total Liability Paid
    The grand total of this report ties to the Total All Liability Paid for Current Period number from the  Reconciliation of Tax Returns Filed report.
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