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Returns List report

The Returns List report provides a monthly comprehensive data set of all return activity, organized by tax return deadline. The report readily ties to and provides support for several other reports. The scope of the report includes only returns activity; assessments and certain registration fees are not included.

Download the Returns List report

  1. In the Returns for Communications Compliance Portal, go to Reports
  2. Select the year and month
  3. Select the check box to the left of the Returns List report
  4. Select the Download Reports button

Read the Returns List report

Returns List report.png

  1. Tax Invoiced through To Pay columns
    The data from the Tax Invoiced through the To Pay columns ties to the appropriate funds requests issued by Avalara during the month.
  2. Adjustments and Credits
    This section provides the details for the summarized 'Adjustments to Tax Paid' and 'Adjustments to Tax Invoiced' sections of the Reconciliation of Tax Returns Filed report
  3. Total Payments for the Month
    This ties to the 'Total All Liability Paid for Current Period' section of the Reconciliation of Tax Returns Filed report, once total Assessments, Penalties, and Registrations shown on that report are taken into account. In this example the total of Assessments, Penalties, and Registrations is $605.17:
    $56,038.91 + $605.17 = $56,644.08
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