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Reports in Avalara Returns for Communications Compliance Portal

The Avalara Returns for Communications Compliance Portal provides access to several reports to help you reconcile your transaction data.

The compliance reports are generated and issued by Avalara by the last day of the month following the tax month. For example, the February report is typically issued by March 31st.

If you do not see a report in the portal that you expect to see, contact your customer account manager (CAM) or Submit a case.

Compliance reports

Report name Description

Import Variance report

Compares liability details and totals for the current tax period to the prior month’s data, by jurisdiction.  The current tax period liability shown on the report is compared with the total and state-by-state detail supporting the monthly accrual.

This report includes both jurisdictions and tax types you have authorized Avalara to file, and those that you have not.

Tax Invoiced and Filed Summary report

Summarizes the tax amount that you've invoiced your customers for the filing period, along with the tax amount that will be reported on the tax returns and the tax amount that Avalara is not currently authorized to file on your behalf.

Reconciliation of Tax Returns Filed report

Summarizes the tax liabilities incurred in the filing period, including any accrual from prior months in the filing period.

Tax Returns Filed report

Provides an overall summary of taxes paid during the current tax period.
Liabilities Held for Future Filing report Includes amounts held at the end of each month during each calendar year.  Liabilities within this report are subject to quarterly, annual or semi-annual filing cycles.  These amounts are broken down by tax type, then by jurisdiction.
Not Authorized report Includes amounts not authorized at the end of each month during each calendar year.  The liabilities appear on this report as they relate to jurisdictions for which Client has not yet provided Avalara authorization to file. 
Returns List report Provides a monthly comprehensive data set of all return activity, organized by tax return deadline. The report readily ties to and provides support for several other reports. The scope of the report includes only returns activity; assessments and certain registration fees are not included.
Check Ledger report Provides details of the check and ACH transaction activity which ties to your core monthly reporting package. Use this report to reconcile check and deposit activity as separately provided via your monthly bank statements.
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