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Avalara Returns for Communications Q&A

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Find answers to many of the common questions that come up during the onboarding process for Returns for Communications.

What is the URL for the Returns for Communications compliance portal?

The URL is

How is the funding request created?

The funding request is an estimate of the funds needed for Avalara to pay any taxes on your behalf, based upon historical information and trends. The funding request is based on previously filed returns in like month/like quarters/like annuals, once you are established with filing returns for a few months.

If no previously filed returns are available, we estimate the funding request based on the transaction data you provide. We rely on you to verify your funding request and dispute it if you believe it is too high or too low. We typically rely on your feedback for a few months, at which point we are able to estimate the funding amount more accurately.

What if we have over-funded or under-funded?

  • If you've over-funded, the surplus of the funding request is used the following month.
  • If you've under-funded, Avalara requests additional funds. In this case, we request that you either wire the additional funds, or allow Avalara to pull the variance necessary to pay all tax liabilities.

What if I forget to review my funding request?

Once the funding request is posted to the portal site on the 2nd, you have up until the 7th to review the funding pull. If we don't hear from you, we assume you have approved the funding request and we pull funds from the account specified on the Power of Attorney (POA) Funding Form you completed during the onboarding process.

What if I forget to approve my variance?

During your review period, if we do not receive feedback within 24 hours, we assume you accept the funding request and the variance report. Avalara proceeds with withdrawal of funds and preparations of returns.

What if I need to update my bank information on the POA Funding Form?

Follow this link to complete a new Power of Attorney funding form. This replaces the existing POA funding form.

What happens after I’ve approved my Funding and Variance?

After you approve your funding and variance, Avalara prepares, files, and remits payments to the applicable jurisdiction either by mail or by electronic filings (e-file). Zero dollar returns are also e-filed or mailed on your behalf.

How long does Avalara keep my returns and reports on file?

Avalara keeps your returns and reports on file for 7 years.

When will I see prepared returns?

Returns are available for viewing on the portal 2 hours after they have been filed. All returns are available by the 26th of the month. 

When will my end-of-month reports become available on the portal site?

End-of-month (EOM) reports are available in the last week of the filing cycle, once we have closed out the checking ledger. This is typically around the 26th of any given month.

What are the EOM reports that will be available in the compliance portal?

Refer to this guide for additional information about each report. 

  • Funding Request: An estimate of the funds needed to pay tax liabilities on your behalf, and is posted to the portal on the 2nd calendar day.
  • Import Variance Report: A comparison liability details and totals for the current tax period to the prior month’s data, by jurisdiction. It also includes a comparison by dollar amount and by variance percentage. This report is posted to the portal by the 3rd business day of the month.
  • Held Report: Tax liability held for future filing (quarterly, annual). This report is posted at the end of the month.
  • Not Authorized Report: Tax Liabilities not yet authorized to file. This report is posted at the end of the month.
    You will have to monitor this data file and notify your tax analyst when you are ready to register in a jurisdiction. Avalara does not monitor this report.
  • Status Report: Reconciliation report of tax liabilities in the current period. This report is posted at the end of the month, and also includes:
    • Liability held for future periods
    • Returns we are not authorized to file
    • Any discounts or credits applied

How do I add a new return?

Contact your analyst to request a new registration and return if you'd like to have Avalara begin filing a new return on your behalf. Avalara does not monitor for liability thresholds, so we recommend that you review the "Not Authorized" report each month.

If you plan to begin doing business in a state and would like Avalara to begin the registration process in advance, let your analyst know so they can register with a future start date.

How do I stop filing a return?

Notify your tax analyst if you have stopped doing business in a jurisdiction and want to stop filing returns for the jurisdiction. Avalara continues to file returns until told otherwise.

How do I register with a new jurisdiction?

If you'd like to have Avalara complete a registration on your behalf, submit a request email to with the following information:

  • Your business start date
  • The return you wish to have completed
  • When you want this to be completed

Avalara then begins the registration process, which can take up to 6 weeks:

  • Avalara may reach out to request additional information about your business.
    Some jurisdictions require additional information that is not covered by the onboarding questionnaire that you've completed. When this happens, our registration team reaches out to you via email.
  • Registrations are completed online or by mail.
    Advise your analyst ff you wish to review prior to submission. Otherwise, the registration is submitted as soon as the analyst has completed it.
  • Certificates and licenses are sent to your company headquarters, and it is your responsibility to provide the Department of Revenue with scanned copies of any documents needed to complete the registration.
  • Returns are based on the filing frequency assigned by the Department of Revenue.
  • You will be responsible for creating valid login credentials for the Department of Revenue web portal.

What do I do when I receive a tax notice?

Email a scanned copy of the tax notice to

Who do I contact for general support with my data?

Submit a support case with a detailed description of your request.

Who do I contact if I disagree with a funding request?

Submit any feedback to

Who do I contact if I need to add additional users to the compliance portal?

Submit a support case with a detailed description of your request.

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