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Update and Manage Your Invoices, Payments, and Subscriptions in Avalara Account

This article applies to:Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Account is a web-based account management tool for your account with Avalara. Use Avalara Account for:

  • Billing - view and pay your invoices
  • Subscriptions - view your subscription usage
  • Connectors - manage and select connectors (used to integrate your accounting software with AvaTax)
  • License key - generate a new license key for AvaTax
  • Contact information - manage your billing contact

If you need more help with your account, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).


The pages you access through the Billing menu make billing easy, from your invoices to your payments.

Statement summary

When you sign in to Avalara Account, the Statement summary page opens and displays summaries of open invoices that you can pay through Avalara Account. To pay invoices that don’t display on the Statement summary page, follow payment directions on the invoice you received. Here's how to pay invoices via Avalara Account:

  1. Go to Billing > Statement Summary.
  2. Next to each invoice summary, find links to download a copy of the invoice or to pay the invoice. Use the payment link to pay early or to pay with a payment method other than your default method.
  3. On the payment page that opens when you click the payment link, you’ll also find links to add payment methods.

Payment methods

Go to Billing > Payment Methods to add, delete, or make changes to your payment methods. You can pay invoices displayed in Avalara Account with:

  • A credit or debit card
  • An electronic withdrawal from a bank account

Currently, Avalara doesn’t accept other methods of payment (such as wire transfer or PayPal).

When you pay through Avalara Account, you’re enrolled in automatic payments. You must add at least one payment method. If you add multiple methods, you must set one as the default method. We use the default method for your payments, automatically charging the total of each invoice to your default method on its due date.

If you encounter an error or if you need to update your payment method after a payment is declined, contact

Important things to know about automatic payments

When you enroll in automatic payments:

  • You authorize Avalara to charge all your Avalara services (including subscriptions, usage, overage charges, upgrades, and renewals) to the default payment method you provide. This includes, but isn't limited to, invoices for AvaTax, Returns, Clearnine Cart, and certain Professional Services invoices.
  • You authorize Avalara to apply the default payment method to all existing subscriptions and open invoices, even if a different payment method was used before the new default payment method was selected.
  • All new and existing unpaid invoices are paid automatically with the default payment method.
  • You must contact your bank to pre-authorize transactions with Avalara. You'll need an Avalara Bank Origin ID:

Silicon Valley Bank – 1911718107
USA ePay – 9000085010 - 1911718107

  • You can change your default payment method at any time.
  • You can't delete a credit card, but you can set a new card or ACH payment method as a default.
  • Automatic payment doesn't include remittances for tax liabilities. Those payments are configured separately and can come from a different bank account than your invoice payments. This is applicable for Returns, TrustFile, and Excise Returns customers.
  • If you subscribe to a returns product from Avalara, your tax liabilities are withdrawn from the bank account that you configure in those products. This can be the same bank account you use to pay your invoices, or it can be different. If you use the same bank account for automatic payments and to pay your tax liability, this results in separate withdrawals from your bank account.

Are there invoice types I can't pay through Avalara Account?

We're continually adding invoice types to Avalara Account, but at this time you can only pay those issued for annual services. Continue to use your existing payment structures for handling other invoices.

Pay an Avalara quote

We issue Avalara quotes approximately 6 weeks prior to issuing the invoice. If you wish to pay the quote, you can do so either by mail or by ACH.

  • To pay by mail, make the check payable to Avalara, Inc. and send it to:

Avalara, Inc.
Dept. CH 16781
Palatine, IL 60055-6781

  •  To pay by ACH, contact Avalara Support.

Payment history

View your past payments in Avalara Account or download the associated invoices at Billing > Payment History.

If you can't find the invoice you're looking for, contact


On the Subscriptions page, see active subscriptions that you can manage and pay online.

In the section for each subscription, you’ll see:

  • Usage details
  • Dates relevant to the subscription
  • A graph of your usage
  • Projected overage amounts (if your average usage suggests you’ll have overages)

Review section 3 of your terms and conditions for usage calculation details.


If you’ve purchased a connector (integration) that you download and install yourself, you’ll find it on the Connectors page.

License Key

Your license key is unique to your account. If you have production and sandbox accounts, each has its own license key. You must have a license key to connect your accounting software to AvaTax.

Find your license key

Avalara doesn't keep a copy of your license key and can't tell you what it is.

Your original license key is emailed to you when you accept the terms and conditions as part of setting up AvaTax. 

Search for your current license key in:

  • Your email if you're the account administrator who set up AvaTax. Find the latest reset email or the Get Started email if the license key has never been reset.
  • Your accounting software. Some display the license key in AvaTax configuration.

Get a new license key

You must be an AvaTax account admin to generate a new license key.

To generate a new license key, go to Settings > Manage key, and then click Generate license key

After you generate a new license key, be sure to update the license key in every workstation that connects to AvaTax. If your accounting software doesn't have the correct license key, the workstation can't connect to AvaTax.  

Contact Information

Go to Settings > Manage Contact Info to keep your billing contact and billing address updated to make sure you don’t miss important communications from Avalara. Avalara sends any communications about invoicing to your billing contact.

For example, we notify you by email when there’s a new invoice for you in Avalara Account. After you make a payment, we send email confirmation within 24 hours of when the payment is finalized.

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