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Pay Your Avalara Invoice

While we do our best to make it easy for you to pay your Avalara invoices, we know that questions come up. If nothing else, most organizations need to change or choose their payment method at some point. Use this FAQ to get answers to some common questions about paying your Avalara invoice.

How do I update the credit card used for Avalara invoice payments?

In the Admin Console, on the My Account tab, under Payment Methods, click Add Payment Method and add your new credit card. If you enter more than one payment method, select Default next to the payment method you want to use most often. 

If you don't have access to the My Account tab in the Admin Console, or if you receive errors when updating your information, email State that you need to change your credit card on file, but don't include your new payment information. You'll be provided with the appropriate form for changing your credit card number via email. Additional identity verification may be required.

How do I update banking information for service payments to Avalara?

For most products, you can update that information in the Admin Console. On the My Account tab, you can:

  • Add a new payment method (credit card or ACH)
  • Modify an existing payment method
  • Remove an old payment method
  • Sign up for automatic payments

If you don't have access to the Admin Console, contact your Customer Account Manager (CAM).

Can I pay my Avalara quote?

We issue quotes approximately 6 weeks prior to issuing the invoice. If you wish to pay the quote, you can do so either by mail or by ACH.
  • To pay by mail, make the check payable to Avalara, Inc. and send it to:

Avalara, Inc.
Dept. CH 16781
Palatine, IL 60055-6781

  •  To pay by ACH, contact Avalara Support.

Do we need to notify Avalara of our funding or payment?

You don't need to tell Avalara you've paid an invoice unless we specifically requested confirmation.

For returns funding, see Fund Your Tax Liabilities. In general:

  • For funding that will arrive on time, there's no need to notify Avalara.
  • For funding that will arrive late, we strongly recommend you notify us. We'll contact you if we don't receive funding by the deadline, but being proactive by reaching out to us helps us confirm the situation as soon as possible.

How do I enable automatic payments?

To enable automatic payment of the invoices in the Admin Console, on the My Account tab, under Payment Methods, click Pay Your Invoices Automatically. You must be an Account Admin user to enable automatic payments and pay invoices.

Payments are automatically withdrawn (drafted from an account or charged to a card) on the payment due date shown on each invoice.

If you can't access the Admin Console, contact an Account Admin user at your company to update your profile or to add the payment directly.

Can I delete an expired credit card from the Admin Console?

You can't delete a credit card, but you can set a new card or ACH payment method as a default.

  1. In the Admin Console, on the My Account tab, under Payment Methods, click Add Payment Method and add your new credit card.
  2. To ensure the old card never gets used, select Default next to the new card.

What is the mailing address to mail in checks for payment?

Make checks payable to Avalara, Inc. and always include your invoice number.

Mail checks to:

Avalara, Inc.
Dept.CH 16781
Palatine, IL 60055-6781

Is there a specific remittance email address to use for ACH payments?

Use as the email address for ACH payments.

How do I update my payment information for Avalara after I receive notice that a payment was declined?

Contact our Accounts Receivable department and provide updated information. Contact us or email

Is the email Action Required for Your Avalara Services from Avalara?

The email you received with the subject line Action Required for Your Avalara Services, which asked for payment information, is from Avalara.

If you have questions, contact us.

Can I pay my Avalara invoice using Paypal?

At this time, you can't pay your Avalara Invoice using Paypal.

Where do I get up-to-date wiring information?

Avalara no longer accepts payments via wire; however, we can use ACH to pull funds from your account automatically. 

Can I pay my Avalara invoice using a credit card?

Yes, Avalara accepts credit cards for payment.

To add a credit card as your payment method, in the Admin Console, on the My Account tab, under Payment Methods, click Add Payment Method, and then add your new payment method.

Why is the My Account tab missing in the Admin Console?

If you don't see the My Account tab when you're logged into the Admin Console, one of the following might apply:
  • You're logged in to a development account. Development accounts are distinguished by a red banner at the top with the text You are on the Sandbox Environment. You can only pay invoices through the AvaTax production site.

  • You're not an Account Admin user. The My Account tab is only visible to Account Admin users. Other users don't have the necessary permissions to view and use the tab.