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Why is the Louisiana State Rate only 3% on my transaction?


I am running a transaction on 8/8/2016 with a 5% State rate, but the same transaction run on 8/5/2016 shows only a 3% State Rate


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  • Louisiana has Sales Tax Holidays at certain times of the year, which reduce the State tax rate.

    • You can find details of these every month in the maintenance release guide. 

  • If you do not participate in the Sales Tax Holiday, you may enter a Rate Override tax rule to revert the LA State rate back to the normal 5%

    • In your Admin Console, go to Organization > Custom Tax Rules > New

    • Step 1: Jurisdiction Selection

      • Country: United States

      • Level: State

      • Region: Louisiana

    • Step 2: Details

      • Name: *Type in any title you would like* LA B2B Override

      • Rule Type: Rate Override

      • Tax Type: Sales and Sellers Use

      • Entity Use Code: *Type in a custom code* X

      • Rate Override %: 5 or 5.00

      • Tax Code: P0000000 *Or the tax code you use*

      • Start Date: 8/04/2017 *Start date of the Holiday*

      • End Date: 8/05/2017 *End date of the Holiday*

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