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Why do the Tax Return reports show a jurisdiction twice, once with a 0.0% tax rate?


While reviewing your transactions using one of the Tax Return Reports (Sales and Sellers Use Tax Summary/Jurisdiction Detail), you notice one or more tax jurisdictions are displayed twice. Once listing has a tax rate, but the other listing has 0.0% as the tax rate.


Avalara AvaTax


  • This usually happens because you did not have Nexus activated for a jurisdiction before processing transactions.Then, later on, you turned on Nexus for the jurisdiction.

    • This can also happen if you have created a Rate Override or Jurisdiction Override tax rule that forced the tax rate to be 0.0%

  • The jurisdiction that has the 0.0% tax rate may also throw off your Exempt/Non-Taxable and Taxable Sales amounts.

    • The 0.0% tax rate is not an exemption and is not marked as non-taxable.

    • Instead, jurisdictions with a 0.0% rate are taxable jurisdictions

      • The tax rate is just 0.0%, so no tax is calculated