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Why did we not collect 8.25% in Texas?


For an address that should have a 8.25% tax rate in Texas, AvaTax is only returning 6.25%.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Not all locations in Texas have an 8.25% tax rate, some locations are not within a city, county or special tax jurisdiction
    • Verify that the address is in a location with local tax rates
  • If the address should have an 8.25% tax rate, check your nexus settings to make sure the local jurisdictions (city, county, transit, etc.) are selected:
    • In the Admin Console click Organization Nexus > Select Jurisdictions  by United States > Select Jurisdictions by Texas > choose All or add just the specific locals you need.


Note: These are optional jurisdictions that will be turned on. So, you do not necessarily have nexus in these locals. With this nexus selected you are more likely to get the expected rate.


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