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Why has my Return Data import stalled at 0%?


You are importing return data and the import process is not going past 0%, nor producing an error




  • First make sure you are using the correct template
    • Select a company (if in the accountant version)
    • Click Prepare by the return
    • Scroll down until you see 'Import Data' and click this link
      • Click the link 'Download XLSX Template'
      • Your template should be titled 'FL_Tax_Import_Sample.xlsx'
  • Next review your entries
    • Make sure you have not reformatted the template in any way
      • Do not move the headers or columns
      • Do not reformat the cells unless you use the Text category in Excel
      • Do not Sort or Filter the data entered
      • Enter values, no formulas or tables
    • At this time Column B - Company ID cannot be used, make sure this column is blank
    • Column C - Location ID will be your location Certificate Number
      • The entries in this field must match the Location Certificate Number on the return and must be numerical
    • Column E - Gross Sales through Column AJ - Energy Economic Zone Credit must be formatted as General or Text
      • If you have no sales or tax to report, please enter the following in these fields: '0.00
      • The apostrophe will ensure the amount of $0.00 is reported