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This article applies to:Avalara Excise

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New Content

Support Case Information Requirements  10/27/2017 Expedite your Support Case with specific, helpful information (updates added 11/13/2017)
Business Entities with Accounts  6/2/2017 Learn to use the new Maintenance menu option
Taxpayer Contacts  4/19/2017 How to use taxpayer contacts
Tax Return Guidelines  3/2/2017 How to find and retrieve the new return guidelines
Terminal Operator Inventory  2/3/2017 Add inventory and use TO Summary
Master Data Export - Import  11/15/2016 Master data options from the Maintenance menu


Updated Content

2018 Release Schedule  11/22/2017 Releases for 2018
File and Unfile a Tax Return 9/5/2017 Mass file/unfile multiple returns
Generate, View and Print Tax Return  8/28/2017 Tax sessions options and mass generate multiple returns
Common Codes  8/16/2017 Single return generation selection

Reporting Performance Issues

In the Case Description list, added the Company name, if you have more than one. 
Rates Table  8/9/2017 Handling rate changes and late loads
Due Dates  8/8/2017 New procedures for adjusting due dates on returns
ZZ Schedules, Transactions & Scenarios  8/3/2017 Scenarios maintenance for obsolete returns
Setup Steps Before Filing  7/14/2017 Added required setup for Canadian returns
Schedule Query Wizard Mass Change Records  6/2/2017 Linked Business Entities with Accounts as mass change alternate
Business Entities Table  6/2/2017 Added delete all unlocked entities
Reporting Performance Issues  5/25/2017 Added new steps to troubleshooting
Navigation and Browser 5/22/2017 Added Edge to supported browsers
Transactions Validation  4/27/2017 Updated steps and screenshots
Schedule Query Fields  4/10/2017 Find non-matching field names
ExSTARS User Guide  1/18/2017 Updated screenshots and added some clarifications


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