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WalkMe Topics

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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 4/4/2016. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.


Here are the topics are available as tutorials in WalkMe, arranged in the menu order they appear in the sofltware.  Just click Walk Me Through from any Excise page, click on a subject dropdown list, then click a specific tutorial from the menu.  To suggest additional topics, send an email to with your comments.  


Display Options and Widgets    

  • Using Grid Display Options
  • Add Dashboard Widgets
  • Turn Off WalkMe
  • Message Center

Schedule Query Wizard 

  • Query Wizard Basic Query
  • Query Wizard Copy Records
  • Schedule Query Fields 

User Profiles and Passwords

  • Change User Password
  • Reset Another's Password
  • Add a User
  • Edit a User
  • Add or Edit Jurisdictions Permissions
  • Add Additional Companies to User
  • Update User Profile and Security Questions

Reporting and Built-in Queries

  • Export to Excel or .CSV File
  • Basic Query Wizard - Schedules and Products 
  • Exploring Query Wizard Tabs 
  • Adding Comments
  • Express View

Returns, Sessions and eFiling

  • Generate Return
  • Create an eFile
  • Filing a Tax Return
  • Unfiling a Tax Teturn

Taxpayer Preferences

  • Mass Update to Taxpayer Preferences
  • Create a Custom Taxpayer Group
  • Assign a Taxpayer Group to a Return

File Import and Manual Schedules Entry

  • Adding Comments
  • Manual Transaction Record Entry
  • Transaction Validation
  • Validation Corrections

Business Entities and Locations

  • Add a Business Entity
  • Add a Business Account
  • Add Terminal Location
  • Add to the Terminals Table
  • Add Non-Terminal Location

Password Assistance 

Appears on an invalid login attempt, and is not accessible from the main menu.

WalkMe notation on documents

Help center documents that have WalkMe steps are noted at the top of the page.

Disable and Enable WalkMe

Click here to learn how.                                                                             

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