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eMail troubleshooting

This document applies to all license types.  Last updated 10/23/2019.
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Find and fix email delivery problems from Avalara Excise ( and

Check your Junk or Spam folder

OK, it's obvious, but I admit that I've forgotten this a time or two.

Add both and to your address book / safe senders list

Avalara uses two addresses to send you information and notices

  1. sends email from our Production and User Acceptance (UA or test) sites. Examples are:
    • Password expiration reminders
    • User account changes
    • New account creation messages  
  2. sends notices of new case comments.

Your IT team may need to 'whitelist' both addresses.

Send test emails from our SaaS sites

Administrators, users with a role ending in _Admin, can make the system send test emails.
    Tip: You can view, but not make changes to your own user account.

  1. Go to Admin > User List and click on the user to test.
  2. Change any field on the user - Title is a good one to use.
  3. Click the Update button and an email will be sent to that user from

Review the email header

  1. Temporarily change the user's email address to an external email service, e.g.,, etc. and send a test email.
  2. Ask your email administrator to view the email header for clues to solve the problem.
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