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eFile Transmit Option

This article applies to:Excise


This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
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Content last updated: November 30
, 2021. 

If you see a Transmit button on the eFiling > eFile Creation >Tax Sessions tab, the jurisdiction is prepared to accept direct transmission from our software.


If the button says, "Mark as Submitted" instead of "Transmit", check with the jurisdiction for their instructions to send in your eFile. The acceptance of direct transmissions is subject to the jurisdiction's submission guidelines, such as using a website, FTP location, or email.  

Transmission status

Check the eFiling > eFile Submissions column to view the status of your transmission.

  1. Successful will show a green check mark in the status column.
    • Transmission is completed.
  2. Successful with warnings will show a yellow exclamation point.
    • Transmission is completed, but with errors that may affect your file.  Check with your tax jurisdiction if you are unsure of what the warning means.
  3. Failed will show a red X.
    • Failed means that the file did not transmit.
  4. A Submission/Control Id indicates that the file has reached the tax jurisdiction's site.   
    • The Submission/Control Id is generated by Avalara software
    • It is not an indication that the file has passed the jurisdiction's acceptance rules.
  5. A Receipt Acknowledgment Id indicates that the file has been accepted by the tax jurisdiction.
    • The Receipt Acknowledgment is generated by the receiving jurisdiction.


Troubleshooting a transmission failure

  1. Click the grid row of the transmission.
  2. Click the History Log tab.
  3. Find the row that corresponds to the Failed status icon. 
    • There may be multiple warnings and/or failures within one transmission. 
    • The Message column will tell you what's wrong.
  4. Failures may be caused by incomplete header information.  
    • Check that all required information is suppled in the eFile Create screens.
    • When reporting failures to Support, include the Submission/Control Id.
    • When contacting the jurisdiction, include the Receipt Acknowledgment.

Settings configuration

The tax jurisdiction determines the settings values.  Most of the settings are pre-configured in the software, though some are user entered.

  1. Click Maintenance > Companies.
  2. Click the Master Company Settings tab.
  3. Select Transmission Settings from the Settings Category dropdown list.
  4. Click a grid row to view the settings.
  5. Values that are grayed out are set by the software and cannot be changed.
  6. Type or copy in the Value supplied by the tax jurisdiction and click Update.  
  7. To prevent users with edit only access from seeing the value you entered, check mark the Encrypted box.  Only an Admin level user can uncheck this to view/edit the field.

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