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Generate, View and Print Tax Return

This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 8/28/2017
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The tax generation step creates your print version of the return.

Filing a Canadian tax return for the first time?  Click here for required setup steps in Company Information before filing.

Generate tax return 

Edit section

Tax return generation step also runs the transactions validation.  Any records with critical errors will be omitted from the return if not corrected.

  1. Click Tax Filing > Tax Sessions.
  2. Click the tax session row in the grid and then click Session Details.
    PRO USER0035.png
  3. On the Form Settings tab, confirm the information in the fields.
    • If the information is incorrect, close the window and choose the correct session from the grid.
    • If you want the Schedule Details Report appended to the tax return PDF file, click Include Schedules.
      PRO USER0036.png
  4. Click the Form Manual Entry tab:
    • Enter any additional data required on the return here.
    • The manual entry fields vary according to the jurisdiction's return requirements.  Refer to your jurisdiction for questions on the contents of field entries. The one listed below is an example:PRO USER0037.png 
  5. Click Save & Regenerate.
    PRO USER0038.png
    • When the Return Status column changes from Pending to Passed, it is finished.
      PRO USER0039.png
    • If the page grid view does not change, click Refresh.  This refreshes the grid view without reloading the entire page.
      PRO USER0040.png

Tax Session Options

At the bottom of the Form Settings tab are optional fields to populate.

Click Save Options to save your selections to your taxpayer preferences for this and future returns.  Just click the Save & Regenerate button to use the options only for the current tax return.

Mass generate multiple returns

Use this option only after you are familiar with the steps in generating a single tax return, above.

  1. Filter on common criteria - date, jurisdiction, sequence, terminal, etc.
  2. Select Generate Return(s) from the dropdown at the bottom of the grid and click Submit.
    • Only sessions that are eligible for file generation will appear in the resulting grid.
    • There is no Form Manual Entry option with this method.  The default manual entry settings will apply to each return.
  3. Review the list of returns to be filed and change filter criteria if necessary.
    • Additional filters may be applied on this grid.
  4. Click Generate Returns to apply to all the selected sessions.

Return guidelines document 

Some returns have a guidelines document available.  As returns are revised or new returns added, additional return guidelines will be released.  There are 2 ways to display them:

  • Click Tax Filing > Return Guidelines to display the document for the current return.  It will display the document if the guideline been added to this return.
  • If a Return Guideline is available, there will be a link Session Details screen.

View tax return 

  1. Click Tax Filing > Tax Sessions.
  2. Click the tax session row in the grid and then click View Tax Return.
    • View Tax Return will not be available as a menu choice until the tax return generation is finished running.
      PRO USER0042.png
  3. Scroll the pdf to view the return.  When including schedules is checked,  a large numbers of pages is divided into display segments.  Select another segment to view in the upper left corner.
  4. To close the window, click Return To Tax Sessions.
    PRO USER0043.png

Print and save tax return

You can print and save the tax return in pdf format.

  1. Click the tax session row in the grid and click View Tax Return.
  2. Click your web browser's print icon and select the printer and the number of pages to print.
  3. There are 2 options to save the return as a pdf export.
    • Click the diskette icon to save only the current view segment
    • Select the Export as a Merged File to save all pages in the report in one pdf.
  4. Click the Export tab to track the status of the export file creation.  A very large number of pages may take a few minutes.  The status changes to Passed when it's completed.
  5. Click on the Output File to download the exported pdf to your computer.

Lock the tax return

After your tax return is created, you can lock so changes can't be made to the session.

  1. Click Tax Filing > Tax Sessions.
  2. Click the tax session row in the grid and then click Session Details.
    PRO USER0035.png
  3. Click Locked to checkmark the box under Tax Session Options.
    • The option is only active if the Filed Date status is Open.  Click here to learn about filing your return.
  4. Click Save Options.
    • No changes can be made to a locked session, including those to its schedule data, tax generation form manual entry or its status as Open or Filed.
  5. To unlock, uncheck the box and click Save Options again.

Locking a return is not the same as marking it as filed when the submission to your tax jurisdiction is completed.  Click here to learn about filing your return.


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