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Schedule Query Wizard Negate Records

This article applies to:Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 02/26/2016.
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You can negate schedule transactions records using the Schedule Query Wizard. 

Assumption: You are familiar with the basic query function to isolate the needed records.  Click here to review the steps.

  1. Query the records you want to copy, and verify they are correct.
  2. Click Negate Records from the dropdown menu and click Execute Scheduled Task.
    • This step brings up the option to confirm the numeric fields to negate.
    •  Negating changes the selected value checked to a negative amount.
  3. Confirm the Tax Session, Sequence and record count in the Tax Session Summary section.
  4. Check mark to select the fields and click Negate to make the changes.  
    • More than one field may be selected to negate at one time.
  5. When the Scheduled Task Status tab shows the Status change from Pending to Passed, the negation is completed.
  6. The grid will now be empty, since all the records in your filtered view have been negated.  Remove or change the current filter to view other records.

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