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Schedule Query Wizard Mass Change Records

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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 6/2/2017.
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You can make changes to multipe schedule transactions records using the Schedule Query Wizard. 

Assumption: You are familiar with the basic query function to isolate the needed records.  Click here to review the steps.

Mass Change Records 

  1. Query the records you want to copy, and verify they are correct.
  2. Click Mass Change from the dropdown menu and click Execute Schedule Task.
    • This step brings up the options to prepare to change the records.
  3. Confirm the Tax Session criteria is correct, and then click +Add Field to Change.
  4. Click the Field dropdown to select the one you want changed.  Type in a new Value, or select it from a dropdown.  
    • If the field value is one contained in a table, the dropdown will be visible in the Value box.  If there is no dropdown, it is a free-form text box.
  5. Click the green check mark to save the change criteria.
  6.  Click Add Field to Change again to include more changes in this update.
  7. Click Update to apply the change to your records.
  8. You may need to remove the filter or switch to a different one to see the changed records.
    • For instance, if you are filtering on Carrier ABC Trucking, then mass changed those records to XYZ Shipping, they will no longer appear in the filtered view.

To find a record in a session that has been copied or edited vs. one that is from the original import, add the Change Ind column to the grid display.  Imported records have a change indicator value of  S (system) and manipulated records are M (manual).

Business Entities with Accounts mass change

To change Business Accounts fields over multiple jurisdictions, you can use Maintenance > Business Entities > Business Entities with Accounts.

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