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Schedule Query Wizard Copy Records

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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 02/24/2016.
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You can copy schedule transactions records to other sequences or sessions using the Schedule Query Wizard. 

Assumption: You are familiar with the basic query function to isolate the needed records.  Click here to review the steps.

Copy Records

There are 2 copy functions on the Query Wizard page: The Copy button near the top of the page is used to copy a query only.  The Copy Records option described below copies your schedule transactions.

  1. Query the records you want to copy, and verify they are correct.
  2. Click Copy Records from the dropdown menu and click Execute Scheduled Task.
    • This step brings up the destination options to prepare the records for copy.
  3. Filed tax sessions can be copied from, but their contents may not be modified.  In this example, no sessions are defined as being read-only (filed).

  4. On the Destination Tax Session tab, first confirm by clicking the NO button to toggle it to YES.
  5. Now the options fields will be enabled to select to where the records will be copied.
    • Company defaults to the current one.  If you have no sub-companies, the dropdown will not show other choices.
    • Select a Tax Session Type.  The dropdown will show all jurisdictions for the current state that is queried.
    • Select a Start Period and End Period range.
    • The Sequence defaults to 0.  
    • Amendment Type is not enabled if only Sequence 0 is available for this tax session.
    • If the destination session is not already created, the copy process will create it.
  6. Click the Copy button.
  7. The view will change to the Schedule Task Status tab.   Wait for the Status to switch from Pending to Passed.  Large amounts of records will take longer to complete.
  8. Click on the Results tab.
  9. Click the Refresh button on the far right to update the grid view.

To find a record in a session that has been copied or edited vs. one that is from the original import, add the Change Ind column to the grid display.  Imported records have a change indicator value of  S (system) and manipulated records are M (manual).

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