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Built-in Reports

This article applies to:Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 11/30/2015. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

There are 3 types of summaries built into the software for fast query and report creation:

  • Company/Schedule/Product Summary
  • Taxpayer/Schedule/Product Summary
  • Terminal Operator Summary Report

Company/Schedule/Product Summary

  1. Click Reporting > Company/Schedule/Product Summary.
  2. Select Jurisdiction and Taxpayer Type from the dropdown lists.  The default Country is United States.
  3. The Terminal Code is required if TOR-Terminal Operator is chosen as the Taxpayer Type.  the dropdown will show terminals that are in your Locations table.
  4. Select or type in a Begin Period Date.  Only one period at a time may be queried.
  5. Select a Sequence, or set to query ALL.  If there is only one sequence created, the choices are ALL or 0.
  6. Click Generate Report.
  7. View the report by paging and scrolling through the grid, or export it to a file.

Taxpayer/Schedule/Product Report

  1. Click Reporting > Taxpayer/Schedule/Product Report.
  2. Select Jurisdiction from the dropdown list.  
  3. Select the Filing Frequency.
  4. Available Taxpayer Types appear based on the Filing Frequency selected.  Highlight and click the arrows to move them to the Selected Taxpayer Types window.
  5. Select a single Sequence or choose ALL.
  6. Check mark Include Internal Schedules to add client-created, or ZZ schedules, to the report.
  7. Threshold is not used for Excise reporting.
  8. Click Generate Report.
  9. View the report by paging and scrolling through the grid, or export it to a file.

Terminal Operator Summary Report

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

  1. Click Terminal Operator Summary Report.
  2. Select or type in a Filing Period.
  3. Select a single Sequence or choose ALL.
  4. Select Jurisdiction.  
  5. Select Taxpayer Type.  Only types valid for this report will appear in the dropdown list.  
  6. The Beginning Inventory Schedule, Receipts Schedule, Disbursements Schedule and Ending Inventory Schedule choices will appear in their dropdown lists based on the Taxpayer Type chosen and then you can select each one.
  7. Click Generate Report.
  8. View the report by paging and scrolling through the grid, or export it to a file.

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