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Browser Support and Troubleshooting

This article applies to:Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 5/22/2017. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Supported Browsers

Avalara supports customers using third party software only if that software continues to receive automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance from their respective vendors.

  • Google supported versions of Chrome
  • Mozilla supported versions of Firefox
  • Microsoft supported versions of Internet Explorer or Edge
  1. Use the menu and other navigation options that are built into the software. Though your browser's forward & back buttons are active while you are logged into the software, they are not supported and may cause data to be displayed wrong or cause other inconsistencies when used.

  2. The Avalara Excise main menu is always available from any page in the software. 
  3. Some of the software's pages show links take you back to a previous operation, like when viewing a tax return.
  4. Don't set browser bookmarks to software pages other than the login title page.  Using page URLs in place of navigating with the main menu will likely result in errors.

Browser Troubleshooting

Menus and options may vary slightly in different browsers.  Refer to your browser’s Help to find specific troubleshooting steps.  Pressing the F1 key while in the browser will open a browser Help window.    

Try these steps if the software fails to display normal results.

  1. Have you closed and then reopened your browser?
  2. Does Avalara Excise work on another computer?
  3. Did you try resetting your Zoom level to 100%?
  4. Does Avalara Excise work using a different browser on your computer?
  5. Do you receive the same error on a different page in the software?
  6. Do other internet sites work OK?
  7. Are there any outstanding dialog boxes on your screen waiting for a response?  If you see the yellow error icon on your toolbar or page heading, click on it for more detail.

Suggested solutions to general issues

The steps here apply to all 3 supported browser types.

  1. The first step is to close the current browser window and re-open it.  This will refresh all your pages.  If the login fails for reasons than an invalid password, press the CTRL and F5 keys at the same time, wait for the screen to refresh and then enter your login as normal.
  2. Delete temporary files/browsing data
    • Sign out from all web applications and close all web browsers.
    • Re-open your web browser and go to any page that does not have Avalara in the address.
    • Press the CTRL SHIFT DELETE keys at the same time and delete your cache, cookies and saved logins.  If you have not done this recently, the delete step may take several minutes to complete.
    • Deleting cookies will often resolve page problems, but be aware that you will also be clearing all saved logins/passwords to other sites.
  3. Log back into Avalara Excise. 

If none of the above resolves the issue, please open a support case and be sure to let us know that you've tried all the steps above.

Slow response time in Avalara windows

Product response time can be affected by your computer, your network and the internet.  Here are some steps to help you determine what is slowing down your response times:

  1. Complete the Browser Troubleshooting and suggested solutions from above.
  2. Close out other windows that are streaming data, like news, weather, music or ads.
  3. Check internet response times on other computers and/or web pages.
  4. If you are downloading multiple files at the same time, wait for them to finish.
  5. Inquire if multiple users at your site concurrently are running a large report against similar data.
  6. Contact Support if there is nothing apparent interfering with page response.

Browser hanging on grid record updates

The buttons on the Avalara context windows that perform an records updates are single-click operations.  In some browsers, doing a double-click instead of a single click prevent the grid display from updating.  The browser receives the command for both clicks, but the second click can cancel the first one out.

Opening a Performance Support Case

If none of the above resolves the issue, please open a support case and let us know that you've tried all the steps above.  Be sure to include:

  1. Your Avalara Excise User
  2. The complete URL (web address)
  3. The company and tax session information (state, return, month & year)
  4. A screen shot, if appropriate
  5. Time of the issue, including your time zone (you can include your computer's timestamp in the screenshot)
  6. Job Submissions (data loads, system activity)
    • The type of job
    • An example import file
  7. Page Response Times (filter business entities, display open tax sessions, schedule entry, etc.)
    • Which page
    • Steps to recreate
    • Browser name and version

About Automatic Browser Updates

We test Avalara Excise on each browser version as it is released.  However, when you receive an automatic browser update, it can cause errors occasionally. If your browser has Compatibility View Settings, you can set the previous version to load.  Refer to your browsers Help menu for instructions.  Be sure you are using a current, vendor supported browser.

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