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Taxpayer Contacts

This document applies to all license types.  Last updated 5/25/2017. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Taxpayer Contacts populate user information on returns and eFiles.

Add a record

  1. Click Maintenance > Taxpayer Contacts.
  2. Click Add New Record.
  3. Type or select from dropdowns the needed field information.
    • Use non-required fields and make the record descriptive to ensure the correct one is selected on your filing.
    • Required fields are marked with a red * asterisk.
  4. Click Insert.

Edit a record

  1. Click the grid row in Taxpayer Contacts.
  2. Edit any field and click Submit.
  3. You can obsolete contacts no longer with your company to retain them for audit.
    • To make a contact inactive, add an obsolete date and click Submit.


Return generation

  • Contact selection on Session Details > Form Manual Entry tab.
  • Contact name printed on the tax return.


General and eFile contact selection on eFile creation Add Record > Settings tab.

Contact segment of an EDI file.

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