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Business Entities with Accounts


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 6/2/2017
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients


Replaces Business Account information in Schedule Transactions with new values, over multiple tax filing sessions.

  • Changes only unlocked tax sessions (not marked as filed).
  • Updates business account fields across all schedule codes in the tax session(s).

Update Business Entities Account

  1. Click Maintenance > Business Entities > Business Entities with Accounts.
  2. Filter on the account you want to change.
    • Apply any other additional filters to the grid to select your account(s).
    • The filtered grid shows only accounts of the same type (buyer, seller, etc.)
  3. Select Replace Accounts on Transactions from the dropdown at the bottom of the grid and click Submit.
  4. In the resulting Update screen, click the In Tax Sessions tab.
    • Filter the jurisdiction, taxpayer type and filing period that you want to change.

  5. Click back to the Replace Business Accounts tab.
  6. Select the new value from the Replace with Account dropdown and click Submit.
    • The value may not be left blank.  
    • The change is applied across all taxpayer types in the sessions.


You have imported schedule transactions to 5 jurisdictions, and later learned that the Buyer FEIN is incorrect in all of them.  Using Business Entities with Account, you can change it in one operation across all sessions wherever it exists, instead of doing 5 queries and mass changes, one for each individual tax filing session.

Business Entities with Account changes affect only the transaction records.  They do not change the Business Account records in the Business Entities table.

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