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Excise Schedule Transaction Importer

This article applies to:Excise

This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara.

This page does not apply to Excise Pro customers. Content last updated 2021-12-02.

Returns Excise has 3 methods to import transactions, locations and business entities.

  1. Click on a Tax Session and and choose Data File Upload from the popup menu, described in Import Schedules Using Data File Upload.
  2. The Schedule Transaction Import widget, found in the cloud on the Avalara Returns Excise - Home page and described in Returns Excise - Import Transactions
  3. The Schedule Transaction Importer Tool Schedule Transaction Importer Tool, an optional external application, shown here and described in Import Using Schedule Transaction Importer Tool (external_application)
  4. Click here for configuration of data import settings. 


Feature STI widget - on Avalara Returns Excise's Home page STI tool - external application (Windows)
Import transactions and master data (e.g. locations, business entities & accounts, etc.) Yes Yes
Import master data (e.g. locations, business entities & accounts, etc.) separately Yes Yes
Import records from Excel or CSV files Yes Yes
Use custom scenarios, profiles and mappers
Yes (see Additional fees, below) Yes (see Additional fees, below)
Connect to and import records from SQL databases No Yes
Can be called by other programs as part of a customer's automation. No Yes

Additional fees

Excise taxes are complex, often changing, and may require customization of scenarios, profiles and mappers for your specific needs. Your Customer Account Manager can arrange customization. Once your customizations are complete, version updates are at no cost.

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