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Creating Custom Child Roles


This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
This does not apply to Pro licensed customers.
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara

Who can view and work with roles

User accounts with the role ZMS_COMPANY_ADMIN or ZMS_COMPANY_ADMIN_WITH_MASTER can go to Admin > Roles and:

  • View roles and the permissions in each role, one at a time
  • Assign a role to your users with:
    • System Role Ind = Y or
    • Master Company Id > 0 (custom child roles)
  • Create a child role based on roles with Parent Role Ind = Y

Some other roles are displayed but should not be assigned and can be removed at any time.

To learn more about roles see User Roles.

Creating custom child roles

If you want a different set of permissions, you can create a child role based on existing roles.

  • Roles with Parent Role Ind = Y can be used create child roles
  • The gear icon, Export Role Permissions, can show you a list of all permissions and their values
    • Some permissions apply only to Government customers and will not apply to Returns Excise or AvaTax Excise customers
    • Examples begin with ZMSAccount, ZMSAudit and ZMSReportsJJ for example ZMSReportsOR for the State of Oregon
  • Permissions can be reduced but not increased compared to the parent role's permission:
    • Edit to View or None
    • View to None


  1. Below the Home menu choice, select your master company.
  2. Go to Admin > Roles.
  3. Find a role with Parent Role Ind = Y.
  4. At the far right of that role, click the icon showing 2 windows.
    Tip: Create a Client Role is shown when you hover over it.
    • Enter a child name to help identify its use.
    • An optional Description is beneficial.
    • Click Submit to create the child role.
  5. Click the new role and scroll down to the list of  Permissions for new_child_role_name.
  6. Each of the Role Permission groups can be expanded or collapsed with a click on the triangle to the left.
  7. The permissions initially match the parent. Click the pencil icon to change a permission.




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