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User Features of AHC Documentation

This article applies to:Excise

Here are a few features of Avalara Help Center (AHC) you should get to know.


  • Search by typing a keyword.
    • From the Excise pages will show you Excise recommended articles.  Click on an article to read it.
    • Each document also has a search box.

    • From the Avalara Help Center landing page all products will show in the recommended links.  Choose a product from the dropdown and enter a keyword search.  



  • Click the menu bar for quick navigation or use the itemized links on the Home page.
    • The menu bar appears on all pages in the site.


  • There is a list of all topics in alphabetical order in the Shortcuts sidebar, along with date of the latest News Flash. 
  • The header of every document tells you which Avalara Excise license types apply, along with the last date of document change.  
    • Your Returns Excise license type is displayed in the upper right corner of the software, just under the login.
  • Each AHC article gives you a clickable Table of Contents.  Click the + sign to expand the table.

Save and print

  • Any document can be saved to PDF format.  Click the icon above the Table of Contents.  (If your pdf viewer allows, expand to see the table in your saved document.)
    SnagIt0107.jpg SnagIt0111.jpg
  • You can browse the site page-by-page using the <previous | next> links at the bottom.  


  • Periodically check for updates on What's New in Documentation? We are continually working to add new documents for you.  
  • Tell us what you think!  Leave feedback using the email link at the bottom of each document page to send us suggestions, comments and to request new documentation.  Your input is essential to the success of AHC.

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