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This article applies to:Avalara Excise


This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 11/13/2017.
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Our friendly and well-trained Customer Support Specialists are available to answer questions and resolve issues from designated Support Contacts.

Are you a Support Contact, already familiar with this and you've gathered the required information? Jump ahead to How to Create a Support Case.

How Customer Support Works


  1. End users gather information about the issue and how to reproduce it.
  2. Support Contacts review the information, search for a solution and resolve the issue or open a Support Case with Avalara Customer Support.
  3. Customer Support resolves or escalates to Avalara Design & Engineering.
  4. Avalara Design & Engineering resolves or schedules the fix for a scheduled release or update.
  5. Customer Support notifies customers when a solution is available.
  6. Support Contacts verify the solution and close the case.

End Users and Support Contacts

We want to help you as quickly and as accurately as possible. Here's how you can make that happen. 

Do I contact the tax jurisdiction or Avalara Support?

Review this list of questions  to help you determine if this is a tax question or a Support issue.

Search first 

Search is your fastest solution and it's available 24 x 7 x 365 (minus maintenance periods). All the following options are available right from the Avalara Excise Platform 

  • Message Center widget - the latest news delivered the moment you login (Home)
  • WalkMe - interactive tutorials, best for rarely used topics or new users
  • Help Center -  smart search at the top of every page (coming soon to the Avalara Excise Platform)
    Tip: Be sure to check the News Flash
  • User Guide - click Help in the top right of any Avalara Excise page
  • Case history - go to Admin > Support Cases and choose Closed Cases to see past issues and solutions for your organization (Support Contacts only)

Gather required information

Searching didn't find your answer? Use the Support Case Information Requirements page to help you gather:

  • High-level information.
  • Steps to re-create the symptom.
  • Information from specific filing steps.

Forward the gathered information on to one of your Support Contacts

Create a support case

Support Contacts:

Avalara Customer Support

All cases are sorted by priority and within priority, worked on a first-in, first-out order.

Avalara Excise Support Specialists:

  • Review your case for completeness of information.
  • Ask for more information and/or adjust the classification and priority, when needed.
  • Provide workarounds and solutions for you to verify, or we may escalate your case to Design & Engineering. 
  • Notify you when case related corrections or enhancements are included in a release. 
  • Follow up to make sure your issue is satisfactorily resolved. 

Avalara Design & Engineering

If your case needs to be escalated to Design & Engineering, the Customer Support Specialist:

  • Continues to own the case. 
  • Will share our internal tracking ticket ID with you.
  • Will keep you informed as the other teams update the ticket.

The Avalara Design & Engineering teams will:

  • Ask for more information.
  • Provide workarounds and solutions.
  • Create fixes for scheduled releases and updates (unscheduled releases).

Solutions needing a software change will be delivered as either:

  • A scheduled release - to be included in a future release based on overall customer priority.
  • An update - when a workaround is not available or is cumbersome and the priority is High or Critical, an un-scheduled release will be created. High priority means an issue that prevents timely return filing or accurate tax calculations.


  • All communications are by secure and reliable case comments between your Support Contacts and Avalara Excise Customer Support using the Support Cases widget.
  • Your Support Contacts are notified when we update or close a case and Avalara Excise Support is notified when when you create, update or close a case. 
  • Email will only be used if none of your Support Contacts can login and use the Support Cases widget. 
  • Telephone calls and remote viewing sessions will be used when they provide the fastest resolution. 
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