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This article applies to:Avalara Excise

This document applies to all license types.  
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

This page contains announcements and late-breaking releases.  Click here for scheduled releases and highlights.

10/20/2017  Arizona Supplier eFile upload failures

There is a formatting issue in the Arizona Supplier eFile in Avalara Returns Excise version 5.30.10. There is a simple workaround - here are the steps.

  1. Download and save the eFile.
  2. Make sure the required fields are completed on the first tab, Cover Sheet, such as Signature.
  3. Select the FTR Details tab.
  4. Before calculating totals, select cells I14-I18. 
  5. Click on the yellow sign with the exclamation point and choose, Convert to number as shown below.
  6. With cells I14-I18 still selected:
    • On Excel’s ribbon menu choose Home.
    • In the middle of the menu, click the format dropdown and choose Currency
  7. Click the Calculate Totals button in the top right of the FTR Details tab.
  8. Save the file – click Continue on the Compatibility Checker popup.

Upload the file as normal. This is fixed in the 5.30.20 release, which is available after November 1, 2017.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

This 1.7 Mbyte video shows the steps

9/15/2017  Louisiana Motor Fuel Delivery Fee Report (LA UST / LA UST2)

In 5.30.0 the Louisiana UST2 return was added as a replacement to the Louisiana UST return.  Based on issues that customers have had with this return, the obsolete date for the Louisiana UST return is being changed from 6/30/2017 to 12/31/2017 in the 5.30.1 release.  The 5.30.1 release will be provided on or before 9/18/2017 - prior to the due date of 9/25/2017.  This will allow customers to immediately use the existing Louisiana UST form for filing tax sessions through 12/31/2017.  In addition a change to the schedule type for schedules in the Louisiana UST2 form will be included in the 5.30.1 release.  A future change in 5.30.10 will provide additional schedule validation messages for the required locations (this change is not required to use the LOUISIANA UST2 form at this time).

Click here for further details about filing.

9/14/2017  Import to a Selected Session:  Fixed in release 5.30.1

You may receive an error if you change the Data Settings tab before selecting an import file on the Schedule Transactions Import:

If you are selecting a specific session to import into, add the import file first, then select the Data Settings. This is a workaround; the fix is scheduled for version 5.30.10 which will be released October 3. To confirm this is included in a release, search for the release highlights for this ticket number: ZMS-27947.  

9/5/2017  NY Prepayment of Sales Tax Rate effective 9/1/2017

New York updated the Prepayment of Sales Tax rate for both Motor Fuels and Diesel Motor Fuel effective September 1, 2017. This was missed in the most recent update. We corrected these rates this morning on our SaaS (cloud-based) systems at and

Updated Prepaid Sales Tax rates effective September 1, 2017:

  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Gasoline Region 1         0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Diesel Region      1        0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Kerosene Region 1       0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Gasoline Region 2        0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Gasoline Region 3        0.15
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Diesel Region 2            0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Diesel Region 3            0.15
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Kerosene Region 2       0.16
  • New York Prepaid Sales Tax - Kerosene Region 3       0.15

Deployed (Self-hosted) customers can make these corrections using the instructions found on the Avalara Excise Help Center in Documentation > Maintenances > Rates.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

7/28/2017 California eFile create

When creating your California eFile, please check the Settings tab.  You may need to re-enter your ISA and GS information.  Omitting these values will result in a submission failure.

5/25/2017  UPDATE: New Mexico Distributor Supplier Wholesaler (RPD-41306) 

  • All Schedule 5A transactions must include New Mexico's 5 digit location code.
  • Before 2:00 pm Central time, 5/18/2017, when we applied version 5.28.21 to our
    cloud-based service, the location code was not included in the eFile for any of 2017
    due to a bug.
  • If your return included Schedule 5A transactions for tax periods January 2017 through
    2:00 pm Central time, 5/18/2017, you will need to amend them.
  • Your support contacts will receive a communication with complete instructions.

5/15/2017  Colorado ERS rate change effective 4/1/2017 

Update: The Colorado ERS Rate was updated for SaaS (cloud) system at 4:15 pm on 5/15/2017.

We have confirmed that the Environmental Response Surcharge (ERS) will decrease from $100.00 to $75.00 ($0.0125 per gallon to $0.009375 per gallon), effective April 1, 2017. We will include this in the next AvaTax Excise Content Preview on May 25, 2017. To correct the rate immediately, please update the rate as described in the Avalara Excise Help Center in Documentation > Maintenance > Rates table

3/20/2017  AHC search by keyword enabled

Avalara Help Center Excise documentation is now searchable by keyword.  Click here to learn more.

3/2/2017  Return Guidelines column available in Express View

Return Guidelines Name and Return Guideline Updated Date are now visible in Express View.  Click Reporting > Express View.  Select Return Information from the Data Source dropdown.  When you Execute the query you can view whether a guideline exists and/or has been updated.   Click here to learn how to download the guidelines.


2/16/2017 Alabama Inspection Fee Permit

The new AL Monthly Inspection Fee requires a permit added to the buyer and seller entities.  After adding the permit number to the Business Account (begins with SIF-), you must select a sub-type of Inspection First Fee.  Click here for more information on setting up Business Entities.

2/15/2017 Utah XML eFile create

Because release 5.27.20 contains a form change for UT, you will need to repopulate the PIN from the state on the Settings tab of the eFile create before generating.  Your PIN is  entered in the ISA04 element.



Leaving the ISA04 blank will cause this error:

Utah Transmission Fault Detail: [The '' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype '' - The Pattern constraint failed.]

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