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2019-09-25  ExSTARS & West Virginia eFile message: No Applicable Tax Sessions Exist

You may be experiencing an error when you go to eFiling > eFile Creation for ExSTARS and West Virginia returns. To minimize any disruption, we want to provide a way to continue creating your eFile and submit to the appropriate jurisdiction.

This issue relates to ExSTARS and West Virginia returns only. For these returns, you'll see the following message: No Applicable Tax Sessions Exist. Additional information on how to address this error is below.

Select ExSTARS EDI 4030 Version 2011 for the eFile Version for the following ExSTARS returns:

USA-US-CAR 720-CS Carrier Summary Report
USA-US-TOR 720-TO Terminal Operator Report


Select West Virginia CSV Version 4 for the eFile Version for the following West Virginia returns:

USA-WV-BLD MFT-505 West Virginia Motor Fuel Blender Report
USA-WV-DST MFT-501 West Virginia Motor Fuel Distributor Report
USA-WV-EXP MFT-511 West Virginia Motor Fuel Exporter Report
USA-WV-IMP MFT-508 West Virginia Motor Fuel Importer Report
USA-WV-SPLPS MFT-504 West Virginia Supplier // Permissive Supplier Report
USA-WV-TRN MFT-507 West Virginia Motor Fuel Transporter


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