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2019-11-14 ExSTARS filers: Check the eFile creation settings

This applies to you only if you file one of the following returns:

Country Jurisdiction Taxpayer Type Return Code Return Description
USA United States CAR 720-CS Carrier Summary Report
USA United States TOR 720-TO Terminal Operator Report

The IRS recently updated their eFile format and the October 2019 filing period will be your first time using it. Any time an eFile version changes, you'll want to verify and may need to update the values on the Settings tab before creating your eFile.

First, get your information from last month's eFile.

  1. Go to eFiling > eFile Submissions and click on the United States 9/30/2019 row.
  2. Click the History Log tab.
    1. Turn on the Filter
    2. In the Message column's search field paste Saved eFile Setting
    3. Click the Filter icon (a funnel inside a circle)
    4. Click ContainsMessage by Contains Saved eFile Setting.png
  3. Take a screen shot of the results or export them to a file.

When you're ready to create the eFile, use your saved settings to update the Settings tab for this month's eFile.

  1. Go to eFiling > eFile Creation.
  2. Click Add New Record and select the tax session(s).
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Make sure the following fields match the ones you saved.
    1. General Contact
    2. eFile Contact
    3. Test/Production Indicator
      Control Seed Number DO NOT CHANGE
      FJ Control Number DO NOT CHANGE
    4. Authorization Information (ISA02)
    5. Security Information (ISA04)
    6. Interchange Sender Qualifier (ISA05)
    7. Interchange Sender ID (ISA06)
    8. Application Sender ID (GS02)
      eFile Creation ExSTARS 2019-10.png
  5. Generate the eFile and continue as usual.

These values will be used for future eFile Creation until the eFile Version is changed to meet a jurisdiction's new requirements.

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