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Support Contacts

This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 12/7/2017.
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Support Contacts / IT Contacts

Every customer selects 2 Support Contacts from their staff.  If you don't know who your organization's Support Contacts are, check with your manager.  A Support Contact is typically one of your best trained and most experienced Avalara Excise users, appointed by your organization to help you gather information and solve problems.

Support Contacts

  • Can open, escalate and manage support cases from Admin > Support Cases in the software.  
  • Can download release highlights from the support site at  
    • All SaaS (cloud) users receive a release summary available from the Home page Message Center.
  • Group email addresses cannot be used for a Support Contact.

What if no Support Contacts are available?

Click this link to create an email to only if a Support Contact is not available.  Click here for more information.

  • Include the information you gathered and send the email to create a case.
  • Call 877-780-4848, give them your case number and ask to speak to an Excise Support Specialist.

What if no one is able to log into Avalara Excise?

Someone with contract signature authority in your organization will need to open a support cases as described in How to Create a Support Case > What if no one can login?.

Self-hosted (deployed) IT Contacts

Because self-hosted customers must maintain their own servers, network, load balancers and other IT infrastructure, and also perform their own upgrades, they can designate up to 2 IT contacts who:

  • Receive release notices. All SaaS (cloud) users receive a release notice with a summary earlier in the day from the Home page Message Center. 
  • Can download release highlights and software updates from the support site at

Group email addresses can be used for one of your IT Contacts, leaving 1 designation for a real person to login to the support site.


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