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This document applies to all license types.  Content last updated 2/15/2018. 
Help Center documentation is confidential and proprietary to Avalara clients.

Frequently asked questions by our new Pro version filers.  Bookmark this page and check it for updates.

What if I can't log into Excise Returns at all - how do I get support?

Send an email only if no one can login and use the Support Cases widget to request help. Include your name, phone number and description of the problem in an email and send it to  

How do I get a new password?

Click on 'Password Assistance' directly underneath the login boxes and follow the directions to create a new password.  If the reset fails, or you have not set up your security question, first contact your company's system administrator, and then create a case to Avalara Excise Support if further assistance is needed.

Do I need to enter a username and password on the Avalara Help Center?

No.  Anyone can view its contents.  Only editors must log into it.

My import failed - where do I look first?

Click here for instructions on how to find what happened.  If you can't determine what is wrong with your import file, open a Support Case.  Make sure to tell us what troubleshooting steps you have done already.

How do I view more or less columns in my display grid?

Use the Columns button in the upper left corner of the grid to add or remove.  Click here to learn more about using all navigation options.

How do I submit my eFile?

Different jurisdictions use various methods, and they can tell you how to send in your file.  Some jurisdictions use our software to transmit.  Click here for information on file transmission.   If your jurisdiction accepts direct transmission of the eFile from Avalara Returns Excise, you will see a Transmit button on the eFiling > eFile Creation >Tax Sessions tab.

My eFile transmission failed, what should I do next?

Click here for eFile transmission troubleshooting steps.  Create a case to Avalara Excise Support if further assistance is needed.

How do I file for multiple companies?

Click Maintenance > Companies to see all companies to which you have access. Click the one you want to file.  Each company is a separate entity with its own transactions, returns and eFiles.

What is my filing due date?

Each time you create a session, it will show a value in the Due Date column.  Click here to learn how due dates are affected by weekends and holidays, and how to adjust them if necessary.








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