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FAQ - Avalara Returns Excise

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This site is only for Avalara customers licensed for Returns Excise, AvaTax Excise and Government. 
Documentation of operation, usage and release dates is confidential and proprietary information of Avalara.
Content last updated: March 10, 2022. 

The assumption is that the user has a basic knowledge of how to complete a tax return in Avalara Excise Returns.  The answers here are suggestions for the first place to check when you have a question. In all cases, if the problem persists, you can refer to documentation or open a case to Avalara Excise Support.

What is the fastest way to find answers?

Use the Search box in the upper right hand corner and enter keywords to get a list of related documentation.

What if I can't log into Excise Returns at all - how do I get support?

Send an email only if no one can login and use the Support Cases widget to request help. Include your name, phone number and description of the problem in an email and send it to .  

How do I get a new password?

Click on 'Password Assistance' directly underneath the login boxes and follow the directions to create a new one.  If the reset fails, first contact your company's system administrator, Create a Support Case if further assistance is needed.

Why can’t I see all of my Tax Sessions and/or columns?

Change your view option to All Tax Sessions.  Look at the Filter options and set them as appropriate.  Click on the Columns button to add or remove columns.

Why don’t I see the option to create an amended sequence?

In the Tax Session menu, click on File Tax Return.  If this is option is grayed out, regenerate the Tax Return first.  If you are filing ExSTARS, you must process your 151 Acknowledgment from the IRS in addition to marking the tax return as filed.

Why don’t I see a previous session when in eFile Create?

Only unfiled sessions are available to eFile Create.  Once you have marked a session as filed you cannot create a new eFile unless you Unfile it from the Tax Session menu.

I marked my eFile as 'Submitted' and now I can't see it.

Once you mark an eFile as 'Submitted' it moves from the 'eFiling Creation' menu to the 'eFile Submissions' menu.

I need to change a Taxpayer Preference that's grayed out.

Company 0 (zero) Taxpayer Preference records may not be edited by the user.  Click on the Copy tab and create a copy of the record.  Edit the fields that will allow it.  This record belongs to your company and takes priority over Company 0 records.

I added a new Business Entity, but I can’t select it for a manual transaction.

Each new Business Entity must have the Business Accounts tab information populated to indicate its type (Buyer, Carrier, etc.) and to what Jurisdiction it will be available.  An asterisk (*) indicates that it is valid in all states.  The Effective Date must be prior to the beginning of the month/year of its first use.

My tax return is reporting the wrong number of gallons.

Ensure that the Reporting Method in Taxpayer Preferences (Net, Billed or Gross) matches what you need to report in Schedules and that your transactions are on the correct Schedule Code for thr Tax Return.

My Beginning Inventory did not populate.

In some jurisdictions, the Beginning Inventory gallons may be automatically populated from the previous month’s Ending Inventory. The previous month must be marked as ‘Filed’ to carry over the gallons, including any amendment sequences.  

The terminal location on my Excel import file has an error.

Check that you have entered the entire 9-digit Terminal Code Number (TCN).  For example, Tennessee terminal 2212 must be entered as T62TN2212.  The list of all IRS-registered terminals is in the software under Maintenance > Terminals.

My eFile was rejected due to missing ISA/GS elements.

On the EDI Create screen, in addition to the Tax Session tab, there is a Settings tab.  Click on this tab and fill out the boxes on it with the information supplied to you by your tax jurisdiction.

Some of my Schedules are not showing on the Returns.

Click on Transaction Validation in the Tax Sessions menu.  The resulting screen will show you records that contain Critical level errors so you can correct them. 

Some of my Products are not showing on the Returns.

Ensure that a valid Product is reported on the schedules.  In the Schedule Transactions manual entry screen, there is a checkbox to 'Limit Product list based on allowable Product Categories for this Schedule' that you can use as a reference.

Some menu selections don't do anything when I click on them.

First try closing your browser and opening a new one.  If that doesn't help, clear your browser's cache of temporary files.  Instructions can be found on your browser's help site. 

How do I renew my software license?

Support will renew your license before the expiration date for current accounts.  SaaS clients will have their license applied to their companies before the expire date.  Questions regarding your account status can be directed to your Customer Account Manager (CAM).



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